Pre-IEO starts in:

  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Soft Cap $4,5M
  • Hard Cap $29M
  • |
  • |

1 May 2020 to 22 May 2020


(Bonus : discount 30%)

IEO Round 1:

23 May 2020 to 20 June 2020


(Bonus : discount 20%)

IEO Round 2:

21 June 2020 to 19 July 2020


(Bonus : discount 10%)

IEO Round 3:

20 July 2020 to 17 August 2020


What is Citabit?


CitaBit is a most secure solution

CitaBit will be an ecosystem that simplifies cryptocurrency use within a user-friendly platform, while simultaneously guaranteeing a high level of security. Our main priority is the security of digital asset storage–we will provide unique solutions to protect our users' assets. Many cryptocurrency projects are vulnerable to hacks, leaks, and other unfavorable actions. Citabit will take steps to prevent this from occurring.

And our avocation is to provide users with a safe, functional, convenient, and at the same time simple service.


Citabit ecosystem


3 services packed into one platform: a bank, a wallet, and an exchange

Access to all CitaBit services through a common registration and authentication service.

Cryptocurrency wallet

  • Multicurrency wallet
  • API for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies
  • Instant cryptocurrency withdrawals
  • Sending funds to the platform users by email
  • Opportunity to buy coins via bank transfers and credit cards and to withdraw them directly to cards or via international transfers (purchase and withdrawal of cryptocurrency at the current market exchange rate)
  • Digital safe ®

Cryptocurrency exchange

  • Various cryptocurrency pairs
  • Low latency trades
  • Margin trading
  • Payment codes (CITA codes)
  • Dark Pool
  • API for trading, withdrawing and depositing cryptocurrency


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Cryptocurrency as a payment method to cover purchases with a card
  • Bank deposits in euros and US dollars
  • Virtual and debit cards
  • Mobile Internet banking, and more...

Those who have participated in the token sale will not pay fees in at all.


Why invest in us?


We have studied the market and made some important notes on the current state of the banking segment, exchanges, and existing crypto wallets. This allowed us to find the most vulnerable parts of all those segments and find the solutions, which we are going to develop once the IEO is over.

We are not going to create another complex blockchain system from scratch, promising our investors that one day it will be on top of all of them. CitaBit’s main goal is to make it simple – to invite and involve more people in the crypto industry by offering them easy-to-use solutions that will help all users to start using cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives.

Unique Ecosystem

CitaBit is going to develop a 3-in-1 solution, allowing users to make transactions between each other, store their cryptocurrencies, use different banking services, exchange coins safely, etc.

Transparent token offering system

Since IEO is the hottest new trend, we will carry out IEO on one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that, after raising funds, our tokens will be immediately available for trading.

A project-based on thorough research

The idea of the project is supported by a deep study of all segments we are going to be involved to. CitaBit experts have carefully analyzed the results of the research before we started to act.

Growing Demand

The growing demand for CitaBit services. CitaBit token will be used to pay fees of the CitaBit ecosystem, as well as in other methods of the project monetizing.

Registered company with licenses

CitadelBit OÜ had established already. We got also licenses for activity with crypto currency. You can check it here and here.


Our MVP is currently under development and will be released before the start of prime sales.




CitaBit team has done profound research and resulted in the following conclusions:


  • Liquidity problems
  • High volatility of crypto assets
  • Earnings based listing scheme
  • Lack of security, widespread fraud and hacking attacks to exchanges and users
  • Low withdrawal speed
  • Lack of investors' knowledge
  • Work is not in the legal field


  • Lack of transparency
  • A large number of intermediaries
  • High fees
  • Bureaucracy and regional restrictions
  • Limited opportunities for investors
  • An apprehensive attitude to the cryptocurrency sector

CitaBit All-in-one solution


CitaBit’s idea is to develop an All-in-one solution providing users with the following benefits:

  • High security level
  • Low fees
  • Various banking services without intermediates
  • Virtual debit card to conduct cross border transactions without region limitations
  • A large number of trading tools
  • Work in the legal field

Digital Safe


One of the most important challenges for all cryptocurrency users is safety. However, exchanges cannot provide for users complete security and they still become victims of hack attacks. To deal with this significant issue, CitaBit has decided to introduce a digital safe feature. How will it work?

  • The user chooses the amount of cryptocurrency he wants to store in a digital vault and the exact date of unblocking. Their funds will stay unmovable even if their accounts are compromised. Also we will allow traders to hide this amount from their portfolios.
  • Another way to store funds in our digital safe is to choose the amount to be stored and create a special password. Once the password is entered, the funds will be unblocked.



Our Roadmap

2019 Q3
Initial research and planning
White paper drafting
Registration of the company in Estonia
Team building
2019 Q4
2020 Q1
Advisors on board
Obtaining Estonian licenses
Website development
Token sale starting
Team expansion
MVP release
Top 10 cryptocurrencies in CitaBit wallet; some wallet features
2020 Q2
2020 Q3
CitaBit exchange launch
Custodial Platform launch
50 cryptocurrencies in our wallet, launch exchange with at least 50 pairs
Obtaining a banking license, starting banking
Margin trading launch
Dark Pool Implementation
2020 Q4
2021 Q1
Partical launch of our products for the US market
CitaBank Launch, Debit Card issuance
Increase in the number of exchange pairs
and increase in functionality
2021 Q2

Token sale and Distribution


Funds and Tokens Distribution

Tokens Distribution

Funds Usage



CitaBit Token Structure

Token type


Ticker symbol


Price of one CITA token


Minimum purchase

20 $

Soft cap


Hard cap


Total number of emitted tokens


Unsold token

Will be destroyed

Token decimal



Team members

Team members

Our Motivated Team


Serhii Yuraha

CEO & Founder

I have always been professionally connected with the Internet. I am self-employed and work diligently almost all of my free time. My main concern has always been the security of my accounts and funds.


Maxim Zvonaryoff


I have broad experience in the creation and management of Marketing communication strategy, Digital marketing, and Data analysis. My core technical competency is SEO. In marketing management, I prefer a data-driven approach and strategical planning to ensure the success of the project.


Igor Brikov


Full-stack developer with 20+ years of experience. Large experience as Team Lead and Developer with a project from start (idea) till the end (fully done project). Completed independently over 300 projects of various levels of difficulty.


Roman Krasnopolskiy

SMM specialist

Specialization - Marketing Specialist. Special skills - SMM, analytics, planning, and strategy. In marketing for over 10 years. I held leadership positions, including in crypto projects.


Dan Gomez

Business Advisor

Dan started in the Crypto Ecosystem in 2012, discovering, implementing and using in real life the advantages that the Blockchain technology can offer to the world. Dan is a Blockchain Expert Certified and have applied the use of tokens with a real utility, testing to bring all these features to the mainstream.


Jose Emmanuel, IV E

Community Advisor

I have been in the crypto industry since 2014 as a blockchain researcher, developer, and educator in the Philippines. I started Mosspole, a blockchain consultancy firm and have advised over 20 blockchain-based startups through public relations and tech development.


Rinku Antony Pereira

Business Advisor

An early adopter of technology. Blockchain is one of the safest technology right now which is going to dominate the whole IT industry in the coming years. So always better move to crypto earlier than later.


Vladimir Jirasek

Cyber Security Advisor

My life vision is to improve our society with well-designed, secure and useful technologies. I believe the blockchain-based technology if correctly designed and used helps improve privacy and benefits our society.


Luke Huxley


Financial advisor specializing in stocks, futures and cryptocurrency markets, with over 4 years experience in the industry. In 2019, I formally began the initial process to form the UK’s first regulated cryptocurrency investment and advisory firm.


Chetan Shah


Enamored by the power of the Blockchain, and it's a by-product the Crypto Currency, Chetan has been evangelizing its usage since. He built a Supply Chain Finance Product for banks. He conducts training and consultation sessions for Multinational Corporations.


Akaash Dudwani


Cryptocurrency Evangelist. Remote Work Evangelist. Management Consultant with a background in Business, Marketing, Design & Strategy.


Sujeet Kumar


Blockchain Evangelist / ICO Advisor / Exchange Listing. Working in the area of Crypto Economics and Crypto Adoption. Developed various use cases for existing crypto. Blockchain will be a game-changer for existing financial services provider and it will be driven by the needs of low-income groups.


Kevin Joyce


Kevin has experience of more than 16 years as a leading technology journalist as well as a firm understanding of the technology that underpins the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.



Cloud Evangelist

Cloud Evangelist experienced in Implementations (AWS, Azure & GCP) Government of Canada Level Secret Clearance. His expertise in VMWare, Citrix, Active Directory, Storage solutions, and Server Management has contributed to successful delivery of many projects. Has a big passion for the cryptocurrency industry.

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